Learning Management Systems for Employee Training

January 14, 2023 12:16
Learning Management Systems for Employee Training

What is Corporate LMS?

A corporate elearning management system (LMS) is educational software for delivering online training and learning materials to your staff. Corporate learning management systems help in onboarding new employees, then get them all knowledge and skills required to perform their roles, and, undoubtedly, advance faster in their careers.

Six reasons to implement an LMS in your business processes

Why deliver your learning via an LMS? Let's explore six things you’ll get out of an effective elearning management system.

Undoubtedly, there are many advantages to introducing a new LMS to your business; it will most definitely make your life easier and your staff learning more effective. 

However, convincing your bosses to order development of an LMS can be tough, especially this year with budgets pressed and an emphasis on results.

1. You can save your business money by reducing training costs significantly, including travel, accommodations, and other event expenditures;

2. The learning experience is no longer bound to a classroom. Employees can take courses at their own pace, wherever and whenever it’s convenient;

3. A learning platform allows you to train the staff from different locations at no extra cost;

4. You can reduce senior employees’ workload. With online onboarding, new employees don’t have to take seasoned employees away from their tasks. The new hires can get up to speed more independently, and you can reduce the amount of face-to-face mentoring;

5. A corporate LMS platform makes it easy to keep track of who has completed a course and how well they performed. You can use these useful analytics to improve your development program;

6. Develop better communication. An e-learning system is a permanently open channel of communication and facilitates collaboration between all users of the LMS platform.

Main Features of A Corporate LMS

Your business may have various learning needs and, consequently therefore needs special requirements for a prospective E-learning platform. But, in general, any LMS will meet these basic requirements: manage users, manage courses, and assess training progress.

Main learning management system features:

User management. You can add and edit users, organize them in groups and departments, and assign roles to them.

Course management. You can add, upload, collect, manage, and deliver learning materials to learners.

Progress tracking. You can timely assess how a particular student or group of students is performing.

Learning path. If your corporate training program covers multiple topics or contains multiple content items, you can organize them into a composite course called a learning path. As part of this learning path, you can set specific assessment criteria, deadlines, and rearrange the order of the modules.

Event calendar. If your corporate training program includes classroom sessions or webinars, you can also plan and track these training activities in your LMS. The LMS will notify students of upcoming events and keep you out of them.

Certification. When an employee takes a course or test, they expect your approval and will appreciate the reward. LMS platforms can issue certificates for them and facilitate overall professional certification in your company.

Mobile learning. A good LMS will be accessible to students anywhere and anytime. It should be available on any device as an app. In addition, it will be useful for users to take courses offline and automatically send the results to the system when they come back online.

Social media tools. LMS platforms can support likes, comments, shares, discussions, user feedback, and other features similar to social media platforms. They provide more collaborative learning experiences and improve engagement.

Gamification. Another way to engage and motivate students. Employees can have a friendly competition by collecting points and badges for completing training modules.

How to Develop a Corporate Learning Management System?

LMS for corporate training development can be tedious and loaded with difficulties, but the ideal LMS development company with a strong support network can make it simple for your business. All you need for a smooth LMS implementation is a solid implementation plan and a reliable corporate LMS development company, like Intent Solutions! 

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